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Popunjavanjem ovog obrasca poduzeće će dobiti vaš upit. Posredovani podaci pohranit će se također i u bazi ePIRH-a, zbog osiguravanja transparentnosti poslovanja, za razdoblje od jedne godine.

Electronic roulette mechanism

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Electronic roulette mechanism

The company was founded in 1993 and its primary business is manufacturing of the casino equipment. Company’s headquarters are located in Zagreb, Croatia, at the address II.Anina I.ogranak 8. What makes the company special is the use of the latest modern technologies in manufacturing of different products.

The company is especially proud of their own roulette cylinders, which are the bedrock of their products. Since the company was founded, they have been constantly upgrading their production and have obtained new materials and technologies, but the foundation of their quality is in the manufacturing mastery and skills of their employees. The use of CNC technology for processing high quality materials provides their products with a high-quality finishing touch. Electronic roulette mechanism keeps its traditional look, as it is made of high-quality wood, gold-plated metal surfaces and modern Plexiglass details. The product is characterized by reliability and durability, therefore the maintenance need is minimal.

The main reason why the roulettes produced by the Böhm Company are the first choice of so many customers is their high quality. Guarantee of their products’ longevity is the simplicity of their mechanisms and electronics. In addition to electronic roulette mechanism manufacturing, the company also makes chips, playing cards and other accessories intended for professionals. For all other information, contact the company over EPIRH Web page with an inquiry.

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Phone 01 3815 104

Zagrebačka 55
10292 Prigorje Brdovečko